5th Annual Poetry Festival (2010) Elementary Schools Submission

Submissions from
Ages 5 to 8

by Lexi Dodge of Mt. View Elementary

Time rhymes in the time
Later be gone
I say pretty much time rhymes in the time
Then you rhyme faster
Rhyme time in a book
Bells are ringing, but rhyming
In the clock tower.
On the time
Tick tock, for the time
Tick tock for the rhyme
Time to rhyme, time to rhyme
Time tower, time tower, wake up
Rhyme time, in the tower
Rhyme time with a cat, I say
There’s a mat
Rhyme time in a time
Bells are ringing
Time rhyme

by Danny Gibson of Skyline Elementary

Oh, I just love trees.
Sitting very tall and grand,
With branches swaying in the breeze
On the branches, seeking for light,
Are big, dense, dark green leaves.
Lots of animals shelter in the woods,
Such as squirrels, mice, birds, and bees.
But all the animals scatter and hide,
When winter comes and the lands freeze.
After all those years of wisdom and grandness,
A logger limbers a tree with great lease.
Bye, trees.
The Valley
by Zoe Dodge of Mt. View Elementary
The birds are singing, the sun is shining

The sky is blue, which the sun is in
With the Mt. underneath
In the city bellow you can see a barn a barn with little animals
Pigs in wigs, and chickens laying eggs
The flowers are blooming the frogs are croaking in the
Middle of the day
With the dog barking in the soft grass below
With the train going by, the dog is barking at the train as he runs
There are lots of flowers around the meadow
By the old oak tree
With the bees pollinated the flowers as they fly around buzzzzzz
There are puffy white clouds
The sheep dogs getting the sheep in the right pen
Horses in my yard
Ducks flying about
Life is simply not hard

by Dustin Raiguel of Pioneer Meadows Montessori

I was a story
Wrote magnificent with many
Fights and magic

by Layla Hartwell of Pioneer Meadows Montessori

one horn on its head.  looks like a
horse.  has special powers. i saw
one in my dream.

by Louisa Mainor of Pioneer Meadows Montessori
the flowers blow in the
wind side to side
back and forth around
and around however the
wind blows softly or
hard they always blow
in the wind flowers blow in
the wind flowers blow in the

Submissions from Ages 9 to 11

by Celeste Alvarev from Cascadia Elementary

Secrets come in and out
As everyone talks about,
From girls and boys
Or boys and girls,
Secrets travel
Into the World.
One secret people don’t

Know about me
Is my secret love of Poetry!


by Anchal Sharma from Skyline Elementary

Red represents the color of
My blood.
Red feels like
I’m swimming in
a strong fire with
red blasting flames.
Red tastes like a
juicy mouth-watering
Red reminds me of
the red stripes
on U.S.A.’s flag.
Red is a color
That’s hot and angry
and it’s a powerful

by Sarah Taylor from Skyline Elementary

Blue is the rushing water in
A stream full of fish.
It feels as smooth as a
new book that
was made two days ago.

Blue sounds like
the rustling leaves
falling to the ground

in autumn.

It makes me

of being calm.

Blue is the sky
in summer
when there are
no clouds.

It is as
lazy as a

Blue is the

Blue tastes as
as a
freshly iced.

The Phantoms River
by Ryan Slaughter from Skyline Elementary

A long river stretches
to and fro.
This river once belonged
to Phantom.

When Phantom died, he
cursed the river.

Now the days of trouble,

no water to bathe in,
but Phantoms river.

One who was brave took
a chance a did
bathe in the

Looked normal then

twitched and twitched
and twitched.

And fell with a splash
and a scream.

Colors of the Rainbow
by Abby Cleator from Skyline Elementary

Red is the sweet taste of
Orange is like a warm hot fireplace.
Yellow is the bright sun beaming through the
Green is like a tree
in the spring.
Blue is the bright
sky I play with
my friends in.
Purple is the lavender
flowers in my

by Mason Love from Skyline Elementary

My hair is like spiky sword,
I am odd like a flying penguin,
I like building as much as time
I like guitar as much as stretchy phalangies
I wish I was ribs on the grill . . . I would eat myself
To the bone.
I love the heavy and strong winds of the earth
like sky diving through the air,
my eyes are like turquoise rock
sometimes as brown as wood
My armpits yell I need B.O.!
Like a lion roaring in the
I love jumping
as much as an eagle love soaring across the earth
I eat ribs and meat like a hungry tiger
and live in a city hidden behind the
Atlantic Ocean called the
Hidden Island.

What Am I

by Ciara Rivera from Skyline Elementary

fold and
flaps hold
I can
come in all
can be
put away in
binders and is desks.
are also
meant for school.
What am I?
I am a folder

The Engagement Ring
by Nathan Pringle from Skyline Elementary

One ring to rule all people,
And in marriage bind them,
So beware if you go,
To the dance with the Ring
in thy pocket,
And the ring shall betray you to the dorks,
Or the fice, ex-missionaries.
So if you get the

thou must destroy it,
Where it was made.
Which is in the
heart of the mountain of
in Sarouno’s Evil palace.
Beware of
The Engagement Ring.

by Paris Hall from Skyline Elementary

Yellow is like the
sun gleaming down on

Yellow is the
warmth of my

Yellow moves
like the sunrise
going down.

Yellow tastes like
a crunchy feel from a
yellow oreo.

I am the nice
neat feeling of yellow.

Yellow is a bundle.

by Chase Strom from Skyline Elementary

Green is like the hard
and bright grass in the morning.
Green is like the soft and
dark grass at night.
Green is like the floating
leafs in the air.
Green is like the hard

The not so magical word
by Bryce Gist from Skyline Elementary

The magical wand
I hold in my
with no clue
of how to use it.
I turn it on, but wait! You don’t
turn on a magical
wand. Oh! It’s
just a toy.

Frog Feet
by Dirk Hoppins from Skyline Elementary

Frog feet are webbed
green and sticky
muscels that
can be big or
I like
frog legs
their just like
they jump and land
with grace
and sometimes make
a good

Who am I?
by Trevor Gibboney from Skyline Elementary

I’m a fiery, orange tabby,
a magnificent mentor
to Cinderpaw, and Graystripe’s best friend.
The apprentice of
Bluestar, and I
was born
a kitty pet,
and born Rusty.

Who am I?
I am Fireheart.

Wierd Alex
by Alex Odushkin from Skyline Elementary

I am wierd

Because I’m
not who eats
candy’s not at all and
I barely go outside
I’m kinda shy and
don’t understand
alot and I read fast

Who am I?
by Conner Oberbotisberger from Skyline Elementary

am a warrior
from thunder clan,
I ran like the wind,
I blend with the sun,
My best friend was smudge.
Now my best friend is Graystripe, we help each other at hunting
and fighting and wounds,
I’m Fireheart

Pure and White

by Mari Nordeer from Skyline Elementary

A clean, white state watching
and waiting for you to
White feels calming and breezey.
It sounds like nothing,
moving in silentce.
Feels like an elegant,
flowey silk blanket on
a warm summer party.
It’s a snow white
and pure peice
of paper for
a imaginative story to be
A milk glass bowl filed
with, creamy
white chocolate.
Diamonds cut to a glossy
white ring, or a
pearl of wounder.
White in itself is a
magnificent world

Cotton Candy

by Kaylee Dyer from Skyline Elementary

Cotton Candy
makes me dandy.
So smelly and fluffy,
and puffy.
Smells so great love the taste,
thank you Cotton

Special What Am I

by Christina Tran from Skyline Elementary

I’m here day and
night you just don’t
see me in the day
bright gold is a color

I tell you it’s night
lets see what I can
do you I’m still
there my brightness lights up
the night.
What am I


My Self by Tyler Burnett from Skyline Elementary

My hair is as gold as the sun.
My skin is as wilgy as the clouds my hole Body is as ruber as
a ruber band
My feet are as
quick a the wind.

by Kaleb Owen from Skyline Elementary

is the waveynes
of my t-shirt.

is filed with

is the hole

tasets like
fresh blueberrys
out of the garden.

sounds like
blue waves
in the

by Alexander Joshua from Skyline Elementary

Red is the color
of my blood,
The color of evil.

Red is hot like lava rushing out of a
volcano hitting your hand.

Red is the stripes on a flag,
the texture of a tree,
the soul of fire,
my favorite color.

by Tori Warriner from Skyline Elementary

Brown feels like a nice
warm place by the fire.

It sounds like wood crackling
in the fire at night downstairs.

Brown moves like a little mouse with out
making a squek trying to get it’s cheese.

Brown dances in the brown eyes of my dog in the

Brown tastes like dark chocolate with
caramel inside.

It looks like a color out of this world.
Brown is olor of honor.

by Joey Rooth from Skyline Elementary

My eye’s
are like
haze marbles
glaring down
on you.
My head
is as hard
as a bolder
thron down
on gold
My arms
are like
with big

where my
music would
be. All my
finger’s are
like small
twig’s on
my branch’s
like arm’s.
I live
in book’s
and eat
with my

Free the Fall Magic
by Ashlyn Cearns from Skyline Elementary

Autumn leaves are crisp, painless fire.
Autumn rain is a gentle mist like a giant
sprinkler in the sky set on low.
Autumn wind is a gentle tornado
for the leaves.
Autumn mud is murky and gooey like cake
batter. (But cake batter tastes way better!)
Autumn clouds are like a gray Persian’s pelt.
Autumn’s fields are covered
in dandelion fluff.
Days are shorter while nights –grow longer.
And at the moment, all are thinking of turkey.
Do you feel it?


by Jessica Demorest from Skyline Elemnetary

The most important thing about
Is that the world is made of them.
There are many pretty colors, red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and
and more, more, more.
They make wonderful rainbows.
Roses have them too,
And so do the sunsets.
But the most important thing about
Is that the world is made of them.


by Isabella Foster from Skyline Elementary

Friends, friends, friends.

Can’t get enough of them.
Friends, friends, friends.
Aren’t they just
the greatest?
Better than a kitten or
a box of newborn puppies.
Not only are they great
but they’re always
there for you!

Friends, friends, friends.

Who Am I ?

by Danny Gibsen from Skyline Elementary

When I speed into your body it
Makes you clench up.
“Oh no!” you think.
I will make an uncontrollable pain start
in your stomach.
I will frighten your skeleton right out
of your skin.
I will never come out until I decide to.
I am the most dreadful thing in the world,
much worse than sharks.
What am I?
I am fear,
a terrifying emotion that nobody
could ever possibly like.

Similes about My Body
by Mikhaila Gorski from Skyline Elementary

My hair is like tan colored noodles
covered in soy sauce.
My mouth I like vacuum
sucking things in its way!
My eyes are like little blue
and green flowers.
My hand is like pieces of wood with
bolts and screw.
I live in books,
and I eat the words like

Who Am I?
by Jordan Gregory from Skyline Elementary

I am green and blue.
I can be hot or dry.
I am as peaceful as a heavenly bird flying in
the sky usually
I love animals very much and I am very big.
Who am I? I am Mother Nature.

by Zack Hoyt from Skyline Elementary

The most important thing about
is that you can throw the football.
This is the game
where you can tackle,
or pull flags.
When you hit someone,
It makes a loud BANG!
Then you just jump back up
And play some more. But the most
important thing about
is that you can throw the

Who Am I?

by Daisy Jimenez from Skyline Elementary

I started boxing at 12.
I was a prankster.
I broke my Moms tooth when I was 6
months old.
I was named after my Father.
am I? Mohammed Ali.

by Dorian Kinley from Skyline Elementary

Small dogs in
New Mexico
Some have short
legs some have
long legs there are
different colors
white, black,
golden, brown.

Some are fluffy
some have pointy

Who Am I
by Tim Litovchenko from Skyline Elementary

At dawn I sit in my dead tree waiting to spy
my prey.
Soon I see a little gray thing moving by the
rock trying to camouflage from me.
Waiting until it gets out of the rock so it does
not have cover.
I see the perfect mouse waiting to be killed. I
stretch out my eyes, fly into the air then
Ah! The cool blood runs through by body. I
need to my family.
What am I?
I am a strong Eagle.

by Alejandro Lopez from Skyline Elementary

Big and small

Short and small
to Great Dane
Short and Springy
Tall and silent

They’re all still

Who Am I
by Rosalee Olbad from Skyline Elementary

Always creating new ideas.
Controlling body through many different
I am the most important thing in your body.
What am I?
I’m your brain.

by Maritza Mendoza from Skyline Elementary

Funny, crazy, friendly, and creative.
Daughter of Maria del Carmen and Roman Mendoza.
Who enjoys writing stories, painting, and catching bugs with my
Who dislikes spiders and anything that eats humans, and pickles!
Who feels happy most of the time, and grumpy when I can’t buy
something I want, and sad when my cousin didn’t come to my
Who needs more clothes, a little bit more candy, and my family!
Who gives love to my family and friends, and to the poor
sometimes. Who fears ghosts, lions, and vegetables,

the most scariest thing of
Who would like to see my aunts and cousins and uncles that I
have never seen before¸ and also famous people.
Resident of planet earth, my neighborhood is Ferndale, and my
town is MySpace

by Christopher Nelson from Skyline Elementary

Raining days like a waterfall in the night.
The wind blows as hard as a leaf blower.
As the days grow shorter, and nights
grow longer.
The sky grows darker.
More holidays come

by Nathanial Neely from Skyline Elementary

Rats are so cute
Ow the rat bit me

I have rabies
fear me

Who Am I ?
by Tarrah Pardee-Tiffany from Skyline Elementary

I have fur.
I live in Alaska.
I am gray and white.
People I am cute and cuddly.
Most people think I am mean.
I live in packs.
Who am I?
I am a gray wolf.

by Emma Olsen from Skyline Elementary

The most important thing about an
Is that they’re pink.
They sit on top of pencils,
they fix mistakes,
they’re school supplies,
they’re helpful,
and they erase.
Without erasers, everyone could see your mistakes.
But the most important thing about an ERASER

that they’re pink.

Who Am I?

by Carter Poytner from Skyline Elementary

Rushing through the sky like a jet.
I help living creatures survive.
I am more see through than water.
Soaring faster than anything at high speeds,
sometimes cold and sometimes hot.
Who am I?
I am air.


by Pederson from Skyline Elementary

Musical, animalist, humorous, and adventurous.
Daughter of Laurie and Bruce Pederson.
Who enjoys singing, dancing, and reading.
Who dislikes drawing, cleaning, and geography.
Who feels satisfied when I get my way,

Who needs animals, school, and justice.
Who gives laughter to anyone who listens.
Who fears, that can severely hurt you,
including my little sister.
Who like to see flying cars.
Resident of Ferndale, Wa, home of the
Golden Eagles.

The Circus

by Kyler Rod from Skyline Elementary

Hoops on fire
lions roaring
silly clowns
tight rope walking
kids laughing
The smell, Buttery popcorn
The circus is fun!

by Sophia Shook from Skyline Elementary

softball, see the
ball go
whizzing by.
Throw it
to first,
no second,
no third.


by Logan Petras from Skyline Elementary

Passionate, athletic, amusing, and rapid.

Son of Ben and Skye Petras.
Who enjoys being under a roof with my awesome family.
Who dislikes being in the car for a long time, and
sitting at school.

Who feels excellent, excited and cool.
Who needs football, baseball and family.
Who gives hope, and humor, and sometimes clothes
to younger kids. Who fears big earwigs, and “Friday the
13” scary movies. Who would like to see no one give up
people say “I can’t”. Resident of the earth, Milky Way

by Issac Daschbach from Beach Elementary

My eyes
Hard to open
I can see
and white too
I can see

by Swaen from Beach Elementary

My hands are large and strong.
They make music with my guitar.
They lift and throw and tie bows.
They whittle wood and socialize with other hands.
My hands dance and play when I tell jokes.

My hair!!!!
by Emily Immer from Beach Elementary

Baby: hair, hair my wonderful hair is curly like the springs
in my bed.
And when I was sick my mother would pick a perfect curl to swirl.

Kid: hair, hair my beautiful hair is wavy like a breeze on the ocean.
But from when I was ababy, yes my hair is wavy but I still have
tendrils in motion.

Teen: hair, hair my cool hair, it flows like winds through a field of
wheat. Its strait and colored golden like the sun and frizzes in the

Grown up: Hair, hair my awesome hair so curly it flows like honey,
but this is a different curl, no longer a bay swirl but still soft like the
tale of a bunny.

Old lady: Hair, hair my worn down hair, is grey but bouncy like my
newborn days. My hair is tired but I feel young again, returning to
my younger ways.

by Micah Nelson from Beach Elementary

My hands are a
Great part of me.
I can use them to
throw rocks,
and smack.
When I get mad I like to squeeze them tight!
and then let them loose.
My hands tell many stories.
They also have the first letter of my name in the creases.
My hands are a
part of me.

My Hands
by Shelbi McCauley from Beach Elementary

Furious….Playing basketball
My Hands,
Celebrate….High fives
My Hands,
My Hands,
My Hands,
Quaver….I wake
My Hands,
Caress…Puppy Andy

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