5th Annual Poetry Festival (2010) Middle School Submissions

by Cailean McLeod from Horizon Middle School

My father once said
If you read too
Much your

I don’t believe a word

of that in fact

poem and . . .


There it goes!

by Cailean McLeod from Horizon Middle School

it happened
it happened
oh boy!
oh boy!
The best

happened right now!
              it happened

              it will completely
      change my
              it’s amazing
              it’s fabulous
              it’s fantastic
       and it will amaze
       you too!

              it can dazzle

                           and . . .
What exactly is “it”?

Hello Winter
by Lilly Tsiporenko from Horizon Middle School

Winter came and knocked on the door
Howling like a wolf.
Snow softly swirled around the doorstep
And the icy chill met my fingers
As I closed the door again.

Woooooo, Woooooo! the wind whispered
What could I do if winterwas calling me?
Bundle up warmly to go outside and have some winter fun!

by Yetaterina Shportko from Horizon Middle School

Christmas lights twikle like stars in the sky
While snow softly swirls around the snowman
Winter comes again to visit

like it does every year,
Letting the snowflakes dance around my head.
the snow is like a soft silky blanket.
I see Santa’s hand reach
For cookies I left on the table.
By morning Santa will accomplish his job
By giving all his presents away.
Kids smile when they see Santa snowboarding in the sky in
the snowy clouds.

by Mari Young from Horizon Middle School

Jumping on the winter pond
it went CRACK!
My cheecks are bright red
And burning hot
The trees wave as the wind tosses them around.
I run inside.
Chocolate cookies waited there for me amazingly
So sweet and rich and soft.
Winter is great!

Winter Poem
by MacKenzie Wright from Horizon Middle School

Baking cookies on a winter night
The smell of cookies filled the room
The fireplace popped and crackled
Snowflakes crashed into the window
Snowflakes fluttered in the air
While the bunnies hopped around to find a warm place
And the sound of plows clearing the road

by Kate Zelenskaya from Horizon Middle School

Winter came as a rocket
Before I knew what happened
It was Christmas Day
Wind whistled in the door
Mom told me, “Zip up your coat
Put on a hat
then go play outside.”
When I came back to the house
I could smell the delicious smell
Of creamy chocolate

Winter Poem
by Kody Hayes from Horizon Middle School

The wind whistled wildly,
And the tree knocked at my door,
Asking me to come out to play.
We went down a hill
As fast as a bullet,
And the birds chirped merrily
as we played.
the snow-frosted trees
flashed by.

New Year's Eve
by Jordin Bartel for Horizon Middle School

Frozen flurries fly
Through the sky.

Grass hisses
As the wind makes it angry!

We play naturally outsde
Like little children again.

The smell of winter is the aroma
Of a fresh, winter-blue piece of gum
That just came out of its package.

Excited fireworks shoot happily
At the midnight moon.

by Ashley Leverett from Vista Middle School

I look up into the sky.
With tears dwelling in my eyes,
To think I could live without you here.
But finding out that I was wrong.

You left this Earth just by soul,
But your belongings are just on a bottle.
My heart dissolves more and more,
Just knowing you’re gone.

I miss your voice, the one I knew so well,
Not hearing it makes me feel alone.
Your ever lasting love made me think about you.
Your joy is what keeps me happy.

If only everyone were just like you.
But unitl the day I’m finally with you.
You shall never fade from the depths of my mind.
For you are always going to be…my grandma.

by Emma Herlinger from Vista Middle School
Go. Do. Achieve Succeed. Always.
Push the limits.

Go where no one has gone before.
Be great.

The world screams demands.

And I go. I do. I achieve. I succeed. Most of the time.
But sometimes I ask, is it not enough to be just me?
To try my best, but accept failure willingly?
To perfect only one thing—being myself?
Is this so-called ‘”success” worth the dark blood of
happiness sucked from my vla Altereins?
I often wonder,
Unsure who I want to please more—myself, or them.

To be or not to be me
To live life, or pretend to
Stumbling through every moment
Attempting the impossible.
This is the question of life.
This is the question I long to solve.
The purpose of my journey.
For I am sure the answer I seek
Will map me, my life
My soul.

The Other World
by Neyla Alter from Vista Middle School

Every mother sacrifices their sons and daughters,
Into a world of bombing, shooting, screaming, and crying
A world where peace does not exist
and happy, is not in the dictionary.
Mothers do not drop one or two,
But millions, of tears for their loved ones.

Today I ask unanswered question,
Which I wish to somehow find an answer to.

Why is there always war?
Why is there so much pain?
Why can’t peace ever reign?
When will this ever end?

Many more run through my mind,
I know, that every human being always wonders and aks,

Although they wait,
they will wait too long for an answer,
for they might not even get one.

Even though I am not a mother,
I cry like a mother would.
And even though
I have never been to the other world,
I shed tears as if I already survived that world.
As if this is a nightmare
I try to wake up from it.

But I look and still see
the heartbreaking faces
the mothers bear with every day.

by Ali Gonzalez from Vista Middle School

I am like the sky
Azure vastness draped among all life
My presence gazed upon, but mu purpose never known

I am like the sky
Not one part lost from imagination
For one dark world of dreams floods through me
Yet light is always beaming, shining down
to carry me along

I am like the sky
My limits so high and glorious and space so free to roam

I am like the sky – so absorbent
I project my thought of color
when no cloud of stress lurks inside my head

I am like the sky who cries when and where I need
To no one am I similar, so solitary and profound
An eye’s perception to my boundaries is not tangible nor too near
My space is seen but soul is not

I am like the sky
So much given to live and learn
My vantage speaks so clear
My view so lucid of all existence

I am like the sky
And now I’ve come to see
My endless flow of curtains
awaken those to yearn

by Taryn Knutson from Vista Middle School

I am a caterpillar
Small, hungry, and confused
Picking up scraps of anything, eager to become big like my elders
Inching my way around any troubles that my come along
I am one color, and slower that a snail
I can’t jump, fly, or flutter
But I can make you happy, and smile when you’re sad
Just don’t ask me how to be yourself because I still cannot say

I am like a caterpillar in a cocoon
Weak, impatient, and unsure

I’m all in a knot and can’t tell my feet from my arms
But excited to become something better than I already am

I am like an insect
Alone, slimy, and ugly
Sitting on the branch of a tree
All alone except for the drops of dew on my shoulders; nothing I expected
I like myself better when I am happy, hungry caterpillar

I am like a butterfly
Big, strong, and beautiful
My colors so exotic they look as if they could burst
I fly free, proud to be myself

by Tristan Smith from Vista Middle School

Not the kind of sweet-bitter you taste when you take a bite out of a big juicy lemon.
The kind of bitter you get when the power goes off at your home, but when you go out for a walk you’re blinded by your neighbor’s bright lights through their windows.
The kind of bitter you get when your little sisters ask way they can’t play in the sprinkler like the other kids their age.
The kind of bitter you get when you see your mother’s face lit up with different hues of blue, purple, black, and green, all in their most depressing shade.
The kind of bitter you get when your friends ask to hang out at your place. Which place? The one I got evicted from or the one where I live, with my grandma in the other room?
The kind of bitter you get when your mothers absence causes you to cry out or even scream.
The kind of bitter you get when your father is so close but might as well be a whole galaxy away.
The kind of bitter you get when you have to put on your ugly mask just to make it through another day.
The kind of bitter I get when I am lost.

I am Like
by Sam Boxx from Vista Middle School

I am like a book.
with many different
themes and generes
I have many different moods.
You might think you know who I am
But you will never really know for sure.

If you need something
come see me if you like
But don’t count on always getting
the information you want.
I can only hold so much

I am like a book
that has gone through so much
And will go through so much more.
Many memories it holds
Some good, some bad.
Some happy, some sad.

I am like book
Able to put up with anything.
Sometimes I’ll fall apart
Or a page may get lost
but that’s ok.

The Essence of Life
by Cassiday Newman from Vista Middle School

Are love and hate,Really a different word?
When you’re all alone
Thinking about a fight with a sibling
You know you love them deep down
Despite all the words and slaps exchanged.

there are finer things in life,
Like simple sniffing the flowers.
Rather then feeling the need to injure someone.
When you see things like your mom
Coming home with bruises
Or your brother,
Bleeding almost internally.

Something inside you awakes.
You’d love revenge on the people,
Doing those things to your family.
But on the inside,
You really feel sorry for them.
They didn’t get a chance
To sniff the flowers,
And receive the love,
You’re fortunate to get every day.

by Kennedy McLaurin from Vista Middle School

Staring each other down,
Like snakes in a pit
Waiting and watching for the other one to make a move

One quick insult after another
We strike back and forth
Poison beign spat,
Fangs flashing through the air viciously

Striking till the day is done
We keep going
Waiting for the other to tire
But soon
An anaconda shadows over us blocking out the moon
Making the dark night darker
And the cold air colder

Cowering in fear we both shrink back
Scrambling quickly to find a dark hole
Away from the beast

But as the sun comes up
So does our insults
And the fight continues on


Invisible Beauty
by Amber Weatherly from Vista Middle School

On the outside we are all different.
On the inside we are the same.
Deep on the inside though,
we have beauty.

Beauty that only we know about,
if we try to look for it
It is ours to do with it what we please.

My beauty is different than yours,
there may be similarities,

but they mostly differ.
I have the awareness of a lion
As it hunts its prey, knowing when the
right time to pounce on its meal
Of a fish, aware of which way, or,
how fast the river is flowing.
Of a dog who knows
if it is a stranger or a friend who
is going to knock on the door in a few seconds.

I have the courage
to be myself in a world where,
sometimes, people
don’t accept you for
who you truly are on the inside.
I have the courage that the lion on the Wizard of Oz
didn’t find until the end of the story.
unlike him, I know where my courage is
so I can use it when I need it,
which, in current times, I need very often.

I have the determination
to work for what I desire or want the most.
Like the little engine that could
who was determined to climb the hill.
Saying ove and over again to himself,
I think I can, I think I can.

He was determined to do what he desired,
like I am determined to do or get what I desire the most.

by Taylor Knudtson from Vista Middle School

I’m cast into you shadows.
Of who you are to who I am.
Some people have everything,
It seems.
Your skills make me look weak
And you strong.

The sun must love you.
You are being pulled up by its strong fingers.
Up, up into the sky. You float.
You’ve had your turn to shine.
When comes mine?

Jealousy is a sin.
I hope it passes soon.
I’ve fallen under a frozen lake
longing for light
but trapped in the dark.

Barley surviving has become my purpose.
This is not a feeling,
But a wish, a dream, hoping
Yet all along knowing
Someday I will walk on water.

by Marcelina Santana from Vista Middle School

He saunters over, treasuring his secret
like it is a million dollars.
He grins wickedly and the sparkle in his eye
tells me he’s done – or about to do-

something mischievous.

Leaning over, he whispers in my ear,

repeating the words of his friend that are so
golden to him, so black to me.
“Shouldn’t she be at
home studying?”

Biting my tongue, I restrain myself
from enunciating that acidic retort,
already formed from instinct
and ready to leap out
from the prison of my shut lips.

My fist clench and unclench –
a power struggle between anger
and forgiveness.
The deep breaths I order myself to take in
rage an inner war with
my heart beat (buh-bump).
Clench, unclench.

Invisible Beauties
by Hannah Pitsh from Vista Middle School

With me comes
Curiosity, adventure, and desire.

I’m the dog getting into the trash.
Or the toddler in the utensil drawer.
Searching through life’s loopholes.
Trying to find its real meaning,
My place in this world.

The desire I have in me to keep going
Day by day, even when something
Makes me stumble, I stand up again.
the desire to go after what I know is mine.
Even when people try to stop me.
Like a cat on the chase for a mouse.
But not as cruel. I chase after life’s
Treasures, never giving up or stopping.

Adventure flows through my viens like
the winding creek in my friends’ forest
We stampede through the murky water,
Playing “man vs. Wild.” As the owl peeps,
We chase him like a lion on a gazelle.

I’m trying new things, seeing new sights,
Making new friends, and loving every
Moment of it. Life is an adventure you
Can’t place behind glass, but only in your earts.
Life is a big adventure I live to the fullest every moment.

by Serena Milan from Vista Middle School

Can save us,
Can provide us food, shelter,
And our hearts desire.
Life of luxury, life of beauty,

Life of getting what we want most.

Can destroy us,
Can suck our souls through our mouths,
Can cause our hearts to turn hard
and our minds to turn soft.
It can destroy relationships

Untie the bonds that you worked so hard to form with others.
And then you are alone. . . 

It can make us feel better.
It can calm our nerves, ease our minds
Hey, you wouldn’t have to worry about
Bills, the mortgage, foreclosure, et cetera.

Wouldn’t that be grand?
It can make us feel worse.
The greed can eat at you,
And damage you from the inside out,
Until there
is nothing left but you and your money.

by Brooke Tapley from Vista Middle School

I am like a book

Full of whatever you, personally,
I am a mystery,
a love story,
a sad story,
An adventure.
I have stories to tell that will only be unveiled if,

I allow you to read me.
I am like a book –
Difficult to read of our levels differ,
I am a favorite read,
A page turner.
I am full of surprises,
Twists . . .
My words can make you
Wince with pain,
Feel tears in your cheek,
Make your stomach ache with laughter.
I am like a book.
To read me is to look into my soul,
and discover my,
True meaning.

The Librarian
by Louis Hunter from Vista Middle School

The Librarian
is a patient, kindly woman
with books overflowing in her arms’ and a pencil

behind her ear
She piles, and shelves
Clicks and catalogs
She sorts
A keeper of knowledge

Her cart rolling around
The library. She pushes it,
Moving tomes, running her hands
Across the shelves, through
Her mind, open as a book . . .

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