8th Annual Poetry Festival (2013) Elementary School Submissions

Pioneer Meadows Montessori Elementary
by Isabella Slisz

Oh bird
are you flying
flying high above me
as you've carried along the winds

by Thomas Lebitz-Braden


The rabbit and the bees and the owl
by Julianna Cross

There are few bees and few mes
rabbit has a habit of picking his nose
owl howls all night
rat has a bat
uh oh.

Where the Wild Horses Run
by Louisa Malnor

a splash of rushing water,
A touch of golden sun,
This happens every morning,
Where wild horses run.
The horses now awaken,
And now this day begins,
This happens every morning,
Where wild horse run.

Where the River Flows
by Louisa Malnor

Where the river flows,
Where the flowers blow,
Where the rabbits hop and play,
Where the eagle flies,
Up in the skies,
And the horse run all day.

The Rabbit Witch
by Louisa Malnor

The rabbit witch flies
In the skies,
On her magical carrot stick full of surprise,
And through the moon,
She will come back soon
With the darkest and scariest black and white loon
And then she will yoon
and feed her raccoon
and scare the mean rabbits away until noon.
On Halloween night,
Full of freight
If I am right
She will be in sight.
The pumpkins are frightened
When she is near
And all of the ghosts
Will shudder with fear.
She goes to each house,
That does not have a light,
And there she rests
From her flight.
On the night of Halloween
The rabbit witch is sure to be seen.

by Gus Kendall

Flying in the sky,
love their height
a little yellow airplane.
swings left banks right,
flies into the night,
a little yellow airplane.

by Maddy Helt

There are fish and dolphins that swim
in the cool water.
On the beach there are crabs and shells
pushing me into the water.

The Queen
by Layla Hartwell

This morning
I noticed this,
Your dress, miss,
It flows like a gown
It goes with your crown

Birds in the Sky
by Layla Hartwell

There is
A bird
In the sky
It is eating
It is eating a pie.
It noticed that
There was a guy
Also eating a pie
And saw with it's eye
A bucket of lye
It picked up the lye
Dumped it on the guy
Now he will cry
And the bird got a pie
And saw it was not pie
But a bucket of lye
It saw one more guy
On him it dumped the lye
Now HE will cry

by Layla Hartwell

I made
some bread,
I ate it in bed
It landed on Ted
on his head
On ted's head

by Layla Hartwell

A butterfly is a graceful insect,
It can wear dazzling colors,
It flaps its gentle wings,
and alights on a branch with it's brother
And now comes another

by Willow Serfina Corey-DuBon

Twas withering
and death below me,
for my soul is withering,
and death below me,
for my soul is dying.

by Liam Conner


by Roisin Conner


Beach Elementary

Dirty Roten Nasty Mean
by Aaliyah Arvensis

Dirty roten nasty mean also and eating
sings real loud and makes itself proud,
tricks me into spending money,
also thinks it's funny,
It bats its eyes and will say
'pritty please?' It will even beg on
its knees.
You have to give in its the only way,
It bothers me how it persuades.
It follows me all over too just to
bring me down. But it's not all bad
no can't you see some times it
is quite nice to me. It walks
with me and talks to me and
listens to what I have to say.
It took me to see a movie and
sweeped my dreams away. It
took me to practice shooting and
when we skate it holds my
hand and he falls a sleep
on my shoulder in the van.
It is my Keean and he is
for me.

A Figure in the Mist
by Casidhe Carlton

Red bricks open the street
tapping of noisy feet a wall
of fog rolls in and out
covering you in mist and doubt.
A figure appears with glowing
eyes he looks at you
and sadly sighs, you approach
then you see, what he did
to me. You run and scream 'Oh,
mercy please!' Save my soul
tonight!' and as he grabs you
by the sleeve your body fills
with fright. He pulls you in
says your his friend don't
listen to his lies for anyone
who follows him beware
you'll surely die.

Red, green, golden delish. Apples are my favorite dish.
by Casidhe Carlton

Red, green, golden delish
apples are my favorite
dish. Round, smooth, sticky,
sweet. How many apples
can I eat? Munch, munch, smack
smack, Apples are my
favorite snack. Sour, crunchy,
cider juice. apples are
my energy boost, smooth
as a leaf, round as a
sphere, got an apple
with a spear. Climb the
trees then you'll see
all the apples you
can eat.

Central Elementary

by Imanat Kang

I can't wait till spring.

To hear the birds sing.

To see the flowers blossom.

It's pretty awesome.

A walk in the forest.

The sounds are like a chorus.

To see animals out of hibernation.

Spring places are the best location.

by Danielle Goecke

Fish gently splash,
a deer makes a dash.
A crow calls,
a baby bird falls.
In the morning when it's bright,
till you go to sleep tonight.
Rain drips from the sky,
and the sun says goodbye.

In the Night Sky
by Jasjot Kaur Sanghera

The beautiful stars in the night sky
They shimmer like glass in the night sky
the sparkle like crystals in the night sky
they glitter like diamonds in th night sky
the glittering, sparkling, beautiful, stars in the night sky
I love the stars in the night sky

A Smile
by Arenjot Sanghera

As I step outside, the rain goes away
The clouds brighten and the sky turns blue
flowers start to bloom and butterflies zoom
The sky smiles down at me

Winds sways, tree dance
Leaves drop, birds sing
Mountains grow and hills seem greener
The grounds look up and smiles at me

Eagleridge Elementary

by Anna Rose Jensen

He is the king of the night
the owl that is in flight.
They are asleep with light.
He is the king.
The king of the night.
Animals flee in fright
That is the owl.
the animals with might.

Cascadia Elementary

by Angela Samoylovich

You comfort me as it seems.
Though I am very much alone,
You talk to me in very tone.
A world of wonder as I sleep,
including the things here that creep.
For no one can solve your mystery,
to modern day time from our history.
So keep your waves flooding in,
and in my sleep I sometimes grin.
In my bed I wonder my,
just until you stop by.
And I might as well lay down and cry
just until you stop by.
Morning comes hopefully I remember you,
Sadly, I get caught up in the things I do.
And I take advantage of your power,
So I remember you each passing hour.
Not last nights but the ones before,
At class, I'll stare out the window or the door.
Thinking do my dreams tell me who I will become,
is this the truth or am I just dumb?
Please write back to me,
sincerely the one with my dreams.

Who am I?
by Angela Samoylovich

I stare at myself in the mirror.
Is this me, how I truly
look? To other people? Nothing
is real. When I see colors
do other people see it the
same? Well, I don't know.
What is my purpose? Will
my dreams come true? The
future is so much to think
about that it hurts my
head. I can have sleepless
nights asking myself these
questions. Yet I always
seem to wake up in the
morning. I question every
moment of my day.
And from all of this I
have learned a very
important life lesson,
I shouldn't think so
hard besides I know
if I start thinking
I will never stop.

Skyline Elementary

by Mya Hamner

I am sorry
Mom, but I could not complete
your request.
For I have looked
all over town
for your giraffe.
My long necked
horse was a big part of this,
so make sure you
say thank you to
each and every
one of his
polka dots.

by Mya Hamner

Lavender looks like the twilight
setting in the early night sky, sitting
there next to my new moon.
Lavender feels like the sun setting
with the slightest breeze in my
hair. Lavender is purple paint
flowing back and fourth
on an easle.

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