11th Annual Poetry Festival (2016) - Elementary School Submissions

Skyline Elementary School


by Sarah Nylen

I look up at the gleaming night sky
And the stars seem to be the tears of the atmosphere starting to cry
I thought, 'Why's it taking so long?'
As the wind sifts  through my shining brown hair
The constellations twinkle up on the crisp air
In my new tent in the backyard
I huddle up closer and continue to wait
And my brother calls to tell us it's late
I call back,  'It's just taking longer. I hope?'
When after a few minutes he says, 'Nope.'
As I start to close my eyes unthinkingly
A bright yellow flash rips across the sky
I exclaim, 'Come Look! Whoa! Oh, My!'
When I watch over at the miracle
My eyes are served a rare and special treat
Polaris is the star that makes me eyes meet
And I gasp at the sight it's independent; flawless!
It could make dreams come true!
And of course, no one really, actually, knew
             About the secret of the stars.

Cascadia Elementary School

Lions, Tigers and Bears

by Natalie Sweitzer

"Lions, Tigers, Bears,
Oh my!"
Loom at them all run by!
Oh no! they heard my cry!
I am going to go
Bye-bye, bye-bye.
That's why you don't yell
"Lions, Tiger, Bears,
Oh my!"

A Rat

by Jackson Ashbaugh

A rat
I hate rats
Rats are big
Rats are small
Over there I just saw one in the mall.


by Thiago Filogonio Costa

I'll share you toys
I'll share your money
I'll share your toast
I'll share your honey
I'll share your milk
And your cookies too
The hard part is
Sharing mine with you.

The Slow, Slow Snowflake

by Aubrey Lynch

There was a slow, slow snowflake
That wouldn't touch the ground.

It fell for hours and hours
and it floated all around.

It almost touched the ground
But then the sun came out.

And it melted.

The snowflake was so slow.


by Demetria R. Phillips

Summer days,
Under shady trees,
May is a
Month of summer.
Ever-lasting summer sun
Really hot all day!

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