8th Annual Poetry Festival (2013) High School Submissions

by Erika Jensen

Windows and doors creak,
Glass shatters and wood bursts,
Water rushes into my home.
It swirls into closets and holes in the floor.
Soaks my favorite socks,
Does not know any limits.
Wet reaches my toes,
They crinkle and crack.
My pants,
Wet and uncomfortable.
My cardigan,
Soaked and damaged.
My nose,
Like a desert becoming lake.
I am now a part of the water,
As much as the water is a part of me.
Engulfed in blue mass,
But extremely well,
Bubbles come from my lips as I laugh.
I am now a fish,
As I chose to be,
Because you see,
Humans do not have this luxury.

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