11th Annual Poetry Festival (2016) Middle School Submissions

Vista Middle School


by Trevor Bushnell

Wake Up


I am like . . .

by Maksim Gorun

I am like a cool and awesome sport car
Fun to be with
And nice to look at.
Also looks nice
And fast to move with.
But when sports car breaks down
You can't move anymore.
Same with me
When I break down
I give up on everyone.
But then when a sports car gets fixed
It gets moving again.
Same with me
When I get fixed
I slowly start moving myself up.


by Brandon Nowak

They bring me joy,
and they bring me sadness.
They make my mind play tricks on me.
In the summer,
we ride on our skateboards down to the river side
and dig holes to bury ourselves neck deep in sand.
Together we shred the powder on Mount Baker
and go off jumps.
We throw snowballs
and pick each other up when we fall.
They are my greatest critics
and they're my favorite ones too.
Most of all though,
they're my friends and that's what matters.

Among the Stars

by Ellary Boyd

I am like a star.
Twinkling and bright.
Forever illuminating the night sky.

I am like a star
Similar to others,
But unique.
Shining in my own way.
Always part of a bunch.
Never alone,
But not quite together.

I am like a star
Sparkling and blazing the darkness away.
I do my best to make everyone,
Smile laugh grin.
Hoping that I might just brighten their night,
And shine their gloom away.

I am like a star.
Shining in my own way,
And sparkling in the darkness.
Never alone.
Never together.
But always,
Brightening the,
Night sky.

Earth Poem

by Noah Semu

The Earth teaches us that beauty doesn't have to end
That love can endure.

Even through the darkness of night
The Sun comes back
Even through Earth's pain,
The Earth's mistreatment,
The Sun comes back

Color can stay
Color won't leave
It will never, all of a sudden, abandon us
Because the Earth won't either

As the Earth's beauty survives
Never dies
We can thrive
We can survive
Love won't die

The Earth teaches us
That every day is a new life
That we can have a new beginning
New lives
New loves
So we can learn to love
Learn to feel
Learn to live.

Ode to Mom

by Issac Ruble

When you say "I love you"
Make me special meals
Buy me gifts I don't deserve

Such acts of love are most often pushed aside
Yet you continue to love me
Giving without getting in return
Unconditional love

I thank you, mother
For it all
Every wound you ever bandaged
Every time you drove me to school
Every homework problem you ever helped me through
Thank you for doing the hardest job in the world,
being a mom

The only person I've ever known

by Issac Ruble

I am a strong corner stone.
I am.
I can stand with those who have given up on it all
who are lost and need a pillar to lean on.
My life a mission trip where I always seek the suffering of others,
a never ending trip to give those the listener they desperately need
For my own sanity, I need to help others,
I thrive off suffering, but would not wish it upon anyone
Others before me,
is the life I try my hardest to live.

I think I am the strongest person I know!
My mountain-like muscles rumble as I roll down the street,
    in my imagination,
               or maybe not
Thoughts race through my mind like a comet through space
Plans of a brighter world and how to get there start here,
But without the capacity to make such bright dreams come true I can only wait.
Lie a treasure waiting to be discovered
Pride is my downfall
at times

Like every other kid, I have my ups and downs,
My strengths and weaknesses
But I will forever stay loyal.
It is my impossible mission to never fail a friend
I will never leave your side and always be the best friend I can possibly be.
I may not be perfect, but I will always be me
And that's almost just as good

Ode to Franklin

by Zachary Schroeder

100 different hands
only 1 land.
A symbol of hope
and probably greed.
Green wealth
and perhaps,
just maybe
good health.

We all would love to have one
or two
of you and your friend
Andrew Jackson too,
Washington and Lincoln
were both good men,
but it was you who's wanted
by most of us men!

So all in all
we thank you
good friend
in this ode
to good old Ben,
the great Benjamin Franklin

Ode to Water

by Addi Ericksen

So delicate,
so light,
yet so heavy.
So pure,
so clean,
yet so dirty.
So many purposes,
so many uses,
yet so few.


We take . . .
We take its abundance for granted
The beauty of its availability
Our fortunate access to its
streams, rivers, oceans, and beauty.


So heavy,
yet so light.
So useless,
yet so many purposes.
So dirty,
yet to clean.
So boring,
yet so beautiful.


Ode to Cloud

by Josephine Scott

You fantastic, strange thing.
A cloud is not simply a cloud
It is clay,
A molding material 
For the imagination.

It brings floods and hurricanes
Lightening and tears.
It is white impossible pieces of fluff
Floating in the sky
Constructed of water.

It can cut off sights of the stars,
As it stops us from seeing
The lights of mystery.

But a cloud is also a field,
A mountain,
A carrier of salvation.

The Astronomer

by Olivia Hansen

looks over to his telescope
new stars
and planets.

He records 
a new planet
round and revolving
around a fiery sun.

Then he sits
back in his chair
and spins
around his desk
being pulled in
to s world
of endless documentations.

I Remember

by Ann Corinne Huffman

I remember colorful days
and even more colorful nights.
the memories . . . vague
but also,
so vivid.


I remember a pastel of warm colors.
Reds, oranges, and golds cover the ground.

I remember rain.
Soaking. Seeping.
Memories of shivering,
                    and shaking,

I remember dark days,
Cold. Oppressive. Ominous days.

But most importantly,
I remember the sun rising
after the days of darkness.

I remember seasons.
Seasons of the year.
Seasons of life.
And change.


by Lia Vadnais

Spend years searching for somebody who wants you,
Be sad about somebody who doesn't.
Second-guess everything you do,
Try to impress everybody you meet,
Keep your thoughts bottled up inside of you,
Set yourself up for failure,
Over-water your plants,
Try to be somebody you're not.

Ode to My Piano

by Camree Krawczak

Looming in the background
Yearning to be played
Be given life and voice
A new take on a different set of problems

Black and white keys,
Different sounds
Different meanings
Each one stirring a new memory
A renewed love
A distant recount of pain

A home of sorts
Somewhere to go
Holding me up
Fueling me with Strength
Communicating feeling

Teaching how to let go
While holding on
To forget and to remember

Letting me pour out my feelings
Receiving everything
While turning it into beauty
In the form of notes
Making life a song worth listening to

The Earth Can Teach Us

by Jessica Long

We have a relationship with Earth
Sometimes, we abuse the Earth,
To build more of our buildings and out homes.
Although we treat the Earth violently
Ripping into the ground,
Cutting down trees,
Filling the oceans with trash,
Hunt and kill the Earth's creatures for mere sport.
With no hesitation,
The Earth still loves, forgives and teaches us valuable lessons.
The Earth can teach us the we are allowed to cry,
Like Earth does when it rains.
The Earth can teach us it is easy to be happy again after being sad,
Like the sun coming out after a rain storm.
The Earth can teach us that although it is scary when you are mad,
You can show how kind you real are on the inside.
Just like a rainbow after a lightening and thunder storm.

The Wonders of Life and Earth

by Emma James

The Earth is quite subtle and silent
It its ways of trying to tell us where we belong:
The unnoticeable rotation on its axis,
New life shooting up from its hard ground,
The way its gentle breezes sound through willow trees.

Yet the earth is very obvious --
Sometimes humans just over-complicate
The world and its wonders.
When really it is all quite obvious, yet simple:
A sunset.
Billions of stars in the night sky.
The sweet fragrance from a rose.
they don't need explaining, they just want to
Be enjoyed.

Earth has been given to us as a gift yo try to teach us 
To not take anything for granted or wish our lives away.
No waiting for tomorrow,
For Friday,
For "life to begin."

It has already begun, yet we are too blind to notice.
But if we look at the wonders all around us,
We will see how much the earth has to offer
and how much we are truly blessed.

Invisible Beauty

by McKenzie McBeath

I am time
and the world is my clock
even when everything 
seems to stop
I keep moving forward.
When everything breaks down
I keep going.
Nothing can stop me.
Bad memories
are just memories.
Bad may come in the future,
but I know
good will come along with it,
as long as I keep moving forward.

I Remember

by Eleanor Scott

I remember 
Rain pattering down
Against the pavement,
Rain jackets
Damp on the outside
and on the inside.

I remember
Cars wandering past
In the grocery store parking lot,
But I
am oblivious
To everything but the puddles 
and the splash!
My rubber boots design
As I stomp into the wetness.

I remember
a smiling,
Goateed face
Shining through the gray,
Belonging to my father
Who brought us here
Simply for the fun 
Of rain.

Ode to My Guitar

by Jasmine Shouse

The wood,
Ranging in colors from neck to body.
The white cursive letters that spell out the brand,
That brand that hold so much status.
The absolute history,
Ranging from blues in city, which,
can be summed up in the 90's,
To small town churches where it was played on another Sunday
It was through the most successful times,
And the unproductive ones.
Through every strum, you can hear every strum before it.
the songs written,
and the songs that haven't been written yet,
are heard through this instrument.
the instrument that not only writes its own songs
But more than that,
It writes a story,
It writes my mom's story,
And will write mine.

I search for something

                                    something beautiful

by Harper Tipps

I close my eyes
How long?
How long I wonder
Where is my world,
What is my mind?
I search for beauty
I search for peace
Is there ever enough?
I ache to be loved
I ache for my love to be returned
I wonder when
When will I stop looking for happiness
                  and create my own.


by Jasjot Sanshera

As the clouds filled the sky,
and the birds flew by,
I wondered why they left me alone in this
big lonely world.
As the sky turned blue again,
I knew that they would never come back.
I was alone in this big world.
I was alone with my dark memories.
I was alone with the crashing black waves
and the howling wind.
I opened my arms and jumped.
I let the loneliness wash over me.
I breath once, twice, three times
and left the dark memories and the
crashing waves.
I left me.

The Tree

by Sara Pringle

the tree does not fight to be the tallest
the Tree does not seek to have the greenest leaves
the brightest flowers
or last
the Tree merely strives to survive the storms
and to one day
Reach the Sun

Ode to my tennis shoe

You took me to see the Grand Cannyon
The Eiffle tower,
the White House,
the Great Wall of China,
the Golden Gate Bridge,
and the Mayan ruins.
I thank you for the different, yet equally wonderful memory.

Without you I'd be stuck in one place that would get boring quite quick,
one house ever so small, one room closing in, and one window without anything to look at.

As my guard you walk with me through the day.
when I step in a muddle puddle you get wet with me,
when I hear my mom say the words "sorry honey, there's nothing they could do to save her."
when I reach the top of the mountain you jump for joy with me
lifting me up higher then I could have ever imagined.

If I had no tennis shoe I would simply be stuck at home,
no place to go,
no person to see,
and no journey to embark on.


by Lucy Olsen

Things change.
The season,
The weather,
Our hearts.

But we should indulge in the beauty before it disappears.

Things change.
People change,
And emotions change,

But nature doesn't change too much.

Tree stay, at least in spirit,
The sky, the stars, and the moon will always be there,
Even when people are not,
The air and the wind will stay,
Even when your emotions turn on you,
And you can always trust the lull of nature
With your deepest darkest secrets,
As they won't tell.
Not like people will.

Light will return,
Even if you think there is no                              end                                   to the darkness.
The sun comes back,
the rain backs off,
And the air is warm once more.

I Remember

by McKenna Poynter

I remember
Before I knew that the earth curved
I wondered why everything came to an end

I remember
After I learned that the earth curved
I wondered what was past the curve

And Now
Once I know everything that I do
I wonder why I've stopped wondering


by Shelby Robinson

This is a filler poem
Strategically put in
To make you think 
There is more
Than there is

This is a poem
26 letters
Arranged how I want them
Which varies
Given my mood

This is 
Just is
Where are you
Right now
that is your is
all of our is's are different

What else is there?


by Shelby Robinson

A man steps up to a podium
He is a blur
of orange, blond, and anger
He speaks words of hate and malice
Against all but him
Living proof 
Shout loud enough
And people
Will shout with you

Thoughts on War

Who dies in a war?
The kids shot?
Not knowing what they are fighting for.
But the ones who make it home
are dead as well.
Eyes open, heart closed.
Did they find the glory they sought?
Or a hell?
War makes you a man.
If you live.
If you didn't.
A hero's death
Children Die
Children kill
I think A better question is
Who wins a war?


A boat in a sky
Takes me far away.
Leaving behind a city of worry
taking me to a star of bliss.

The boat hides deep inside me,
and all I have to do is look
I sail.

Dipping my fingers in moon dust.
Space dances in my eyes.
Infinity beneath me,
I am outside of it now.

A boat,
outside of my body,
takes me to peace.
Leaving behind physicality
Taking me home.

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