6th Annual Poetry Festival (2011) Elementary Schools Submissions

Skyline Elementary

Epic Yellow
by Taylor Curtright

Yellow is like the warm sun beating
down on you.
Yellow moves like a baby chick
crossing the road.
Yellow tastes like little cut up bananas
with sweet, sweet sugar.
Yellow sounds like when you
smash an apple.
Yellow feels like rotten
old bananas.

by Tiffani Michelle Minjarez

Blue is dark
so shinny
Blue is like dolfines
swimmming in the
ocean.  Blue is like
the color of some
shoes. Blue is like
the dark sparking
sky upon me!  Blue
feels like waves hitting
my feet!  Blue is like
a bluebird singing
to me.
Blue moves like water
going down a stream.
It moves like clouds
moving across me.  blue
tastes like blueberries so
so juicy and sweet.

King Cobra
by Danielle Marie Wright

eats other snakes
very deadly
and has a scary hood.

Small Poem
by Scott Stephenson

are not dumb.
they are educational,
kind and
very very nice.

Michael Jackson
by Elizah

is soooo AWSOME!
I wish I had met
him before he had died.
My favorite song
that he made is
ALONE.  It was hard
just picking one
song they are
all so AWSOME!
Me and my sister
are raising money to
buy a Michael
Jackson dance
game for my
Wii. I like
pencils because
you can draw pictures of
Michael Jackson he he.

by Benjamin Hines

Life is a roller coaster. you get
to decide which way you
want to go.  You never know
what's next.  There might be
some bumps on the track,
but buckle up and enjoy
the ride before it ends.

As you know, life is hard
and joyful.  There's times
where you just want to die
But something to keep in
mind is that we should
be thankful to be alive.

Just Lindsey
by Lindsey Moffett

My hair is like spaghetti dipped in
hot fugde.  My eyes are like
chocolate balls with black icing
for pupils.  My thoughts are like bubbles
filled with people and things.
My hands are like a dinosaurs mouth
picking up everything in sight
My teeth are like builders
tools working and working.
My toes are like baby
caterillers crawing around.
I live in a floating house
and I eat mint chocolate chip
ice cream with rainbow

As the Snow Falls
by Elizabeth Spaulding

As the snow falls
the kids
stay at play.
the kids eat the flurries
that fall from
the sky.
The kids slide down snowy
as worried parents
put up last
minute decorations
for the seasons coming
As the snow falls and
the sun goes
everything seems to just
As the snow fall.

A Fantasy About the Sky
by Trace Jeffrey

Magical people are
flying in the sky.
On top of the clouds.
Telling the clouds
when to rain.
Teaching birds new
songs to
sing in the morning.
Reading stories to the
little babies.
When they play with yo-yos,
they look like stars shooting
across the midnight
When they sing its a beauty.
When they breath the sun gets
bright. When they yawn
the sun sets and the light dims
When they fall asleep the stars and
moon come out.

by Gavin Burchard



Waste of time






by Hudson Hawke

Purple is like the midnight sky,
Purple can mean anything you
want it to.
Purple is like a cat pouncing on
Purple is like people picking your
Purple will startle you if you
let it,
Purple is sneaky so watch out,
Purple might even be right behind

by Julianna Batram

Pink feels like
a brand new pillow from Fred Meyer.
Pink tastes like
fluffy cotton candy melting in your mouth.
Pinks sounds like
and angel sprouting wings.
Pink moves like
a confident horse trotting through the winds.
Pink is
a confident, faithful, and thoughtful color!

by Nicole Bass

Blue feels like a
freshly picked

Blue sounds like the
bluebird chirping
on a summer day.

Blue smells like a yummy pie
ready to eat.

Blue is the sky
standing in a grassy field
wind blowing on my face.


by Kevin Young

one fin
they slither
in the trees
smooth and
over 7 or 8 ft long
very very very
green and
red striped.

by Lilliana Jefferson

Magenta looks like a shinig crystal
right out of a crystal wall.
Magenta sounds like a peaceful sunny day.
Magenta feels like a soft blanket
in the winter time.
Magenta smells like fresh waterfalls in the forest.
Magenta tastes like warm fried bread
fresh out of the oven.
Magenta moves like wolves
running through the woods.
Magenta is like
the water moving
with the waves.

So Sweet as Pink
by Janelly Sanchez

Pink tastes like
fluffy cotton candy of all
Pink feels like a
forest of love and friendship swirled
Pink smells like a
world of bubble gum.
Pink sounds like cherry blossoms
falling in spring.
Pink looks like a sunset with
the sun falling into the ocean.
Pink jumps like a fluffy new
born bunny.
Pink is friendship between
two friends!

My Body
by Ryan Whipkey

My hair is like a patch of grain.
My eyes are as green as grass can get.
My nose is like a forest of darkness.
My tackles are like
being hit by a train.
My toes are like steel armor.
I live in my TV,
and I eat all the cooking show.

by Morgan Barlean

My life style.
Play the game.
Do it right,
Letting my spirit
go free,
Whatever happens,
I'm still me.

Beach Elementary

In the Glum Pencil Holder
by Elliot Adam Dixon

The empty pencil holder sits all year on
table one.
Tears fall down his side.
A kid drops a dull pencil in him.
It smells like pine trees.
It rattles like a scared rattle snake.
I can't wait to tell eraser my friend.
I clatter with excitement when I was
switched to eraser's table.  I wave
goodbye to the one I left behind.
I told eraser, down like
a kangaroo.
I was used a lot.
the kids' jaws would drop when they
pulled their dull pencils out of me
and say it's sharp.

I Can't Write a Poem
by Faith Daschbach

As I look at this blank sheet of paper
I wish it would turn into vapor
With the pencil I hold
It's noy very bold
It's not something I would make
I rip it and tear it and start an
I can't write this stuff
And I would hate to bluff
So here I say
I can't write a poem
I don't even know 'em

by Dyant Ethworth

Looking through a dumpster,
I found a giant chumpster,
big, fat winged and green,
he even was a little mean.
He was bulk eyed and had a rainbow tail,
he was about the size of a hump back whale.
He tried to give me a little hoogy,
but instead it came out a rainbow loogie.
I wipped it off and said goodbye
and then he started to sadly cry.
I said don't worry, I'll be back soon.
I'll be back tomorrow in the afternoon.
And that's how I met the Boogalooga the one
the size of a full grown balooga.

Love is Strong
by Shelby McLain

Love is a strong heart.
Love is like a waterfall that never ends.
It is like a silk dress in the wind.
I want to prance through a river of water.
Love spreads around the world.

Winter Joy
by Mara Packard

Frost on a long gone branch,
Winter creeps in,
as slowly as the embers die in a fire.

A cozy cottage,
a glowing fire,
the waft of Christmas cookies fill the air.

As sleigh bells ring,
we dance in the moonlight,
playing in the snow.

Christmas morning,
cinnamon rolls,
baked goods and sweets!

by Madeline Granyer

Bits of snow
still melting like ice cream.
Some flowers pop up like love.
I saw a robin just ryesturday,
today I heard a bee.
It starts to warm up.
Trees are budding.
Gardens get ready.

by Aaliyah Arvensis

The cats all happy with their milk,
they all feels like soft silk.
It's time to go to bed
so the runt and other lay down their head.
A sleep at night all snuggled up tight.
Mommy still wants to be fed!

The Trees
by McKeahan

Chain saw buzz.
Noisy trucks plow through the
muddy road kicking up dirt.
the green trees sway in the summer day.
Hot like an engine.
the trees claps onto the ground
branches bent
tree trucks dented
sits there moping
then boom another tree falls.
Then the trees aren't so loney.

by Hailee Martin

I had  to call my niece!
I have a niece that's really smart.
And I'm always lonely so I call.
When she finally gets here the sun is setting
and the table is set.
She wants my toto.
I say no!
then she grabs the whole plate.
I scream "No"!
but she just keeps on eating it with the cats.
I throw a basketball at her
Then she used the plate to block the hit.
I scream in rage!
She runs and hides!
I look everywhere!
but nothing.
Finally I hear her brething deeply in a old crate.
I find duct tape and tape it sut.
She yells"Please don't"!
I don;t listen.
I get her to the post office.
Then Mily sends it to Japan.
I'm happy.

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