6th Annual Poetry Festival (2011) High School Schools Submissions

Windward High School

Unspoken Love
by Maleenia Huntlley

The words I hold for you are unspoken
without ever  realizing they are there
In the pieces of my heart lay broken
your name attached to sadness and despare.

Seeing your face drives the sadness away
leaving only happiness in its place
and saving those memories for other days
every dream is still a dream, thin as lace.

Better than me is where his heart belongs
it belongs to her, that's where it will stay
written in my journals, millions of songs
and here I am, writting them everyday.

The fire of love is hot and it burns
I do love him, but i shouldn't, he's hers.

My Heaven Their Hell
by Maleenia Huntley

In a small world, where real magic happens
witches and wizards cast their evil spells
The head of a ship, a jolly captain
and where my heart and soul are bound to dwell.

Star crossed lovers, and a forbidden love
they end their lives, with torture and much pain
their futures written from the hands above
these creatures we love, but having no say.

Lazy kids on the computers at night
unknowingly melting their tiny brains
hateful, rude, dishonest, and full of spite
voices whispering in the night, their names

Somewhere in a small room collecting dust
the imagination crumbles and rusts.


by Samantha Thomas

It all started with two pink lines,
A moment I'll remember for all of time.
Then came the endless tears,
Laying on the bathroom floor full of fear.
And holding onto your daddy's hand,
Listening to your heartbeat,
I had never heard anything
So innocent and sweet.
That first time I saw you,
In black and white,
I couldn't have imagined
Such a beautiful sight.
And oh, those little nudges!
They filled me with pride,
For my little boy
That was growing inside.
And there's less that two months now,
It isn't too far!
Soon your daddy and I
Will have you in our arms.

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